Neil E. Kelley CPA EA

Tax Advisor for Traders in Securites, Commodities and Crypto Traders, Miners and Stakers

Neil E. Kelley has been in the derivatives trading and taxation business since 1978.

Trader Tax Status

If you qualify for trader tax status you may be able to file amended Schedule C for the last 3 years and claim your trading expenses. Going forward you may be able to make a Section 475 election and have your securities, option and coin trades taxed as marked-to-market. This will convert your gains/losses from capital to ordinary. Effectively putting yourself in position to claim income offsets in the future for tax paid by utilizing a net operating loss carryforward. You will also avoid getting stuck with a capital loss carryover - only being able to deduct $3000 of the loss per year.

Crypto Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service has issued very little guidance. In 2014 the IRS decided that cryptos are property - not currency. Consequently gains and losses are treated as capital in nature.The basic rules are: You have a capital gain/loss if you 1)  sell for fiat  2) exchange for coin 3) spend the coin. You can gift coin and not be taxed as long as the annual gift is less than $15,000. The gift recipient will then assume your basis. You can make a charitable donation of coin and receive a tax deduction of the dollar value of the coin at the time of donation - if the recipient accepts coin.

Client Reviews


Very knowledgable advisor for crypto. A pleasure to work with!

Henry Baffert  Minneapolis MN  Jan 2018

I have been buying and trading crypto since 2010 and had no idea what the tax consequences could be. I recommend Mr. Kelley. He is both a trader and tax pro. Been involved in airdrops and faucets  some mining and Bitconnect lending (did not turn out well). Will go back again.

Neil has given me peace of mind about what i may owe from bitcoin.

Lois K.  St.Paul  MN  Dec 24 2017

A relative had passed recently and since I was the only family member that knew anything about bitcoins  :? Heexplained the whole process to me bitcoins wallets  money in out taxes

My uncle had some bitcoin. Got a lot of good advice.

Neil , I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your very thorough work. I will be a returning customer.  

Taylor   Inver Grove Heights  MN 

 March 2018

Neil Kelley is a leading consultant for coin traders and tax loss harvesting.

He will get you set up for the best tax advantages.

Zurrie S   Lake Elmo MN

December 2018